Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Colors on the Water (Free to use)

Looking at the water is for me an endless source of fascination, how the objects get reflected and the colors become fractured into many facets flowing into one another. I had myself a merry time creating these backgrounds/textures . Feel FREE to use them for backgrounds or textures.

Now, go do something creative.

Monday, August 2, 2010

FREE for your enjoyement

With summer ebbing (somewhat), I already miss the carefree days at the beach, so I found a collection of ladies happily enjoying the sunshine.

She is the epitome of bathing beauty, I think: great legs, darling, frilly swimsuit, and adorable little shoes; she make me want to return to the BEACH.

Now for a snarky moment : While modesty is a very good thing, for the camera, what about all those guys, in the background and the hundreds of windows from the sky scrappers? I'm just saying... She is really cute though.

Okay this is not very beachy, but I simply could not let the Big Hair slide by.
Those pix were gleaned from the fab site VINTPIX : http://www.vintpix.com/
Thousand of pictures free for the picking.