Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Furry Friends

This is Wilburforce, a.k.a. Wilbur. Three years ago he took refuge in our garage for a rest. He was brutally emaciated, mangy, wounded, but so sweet and friendly, after a perfunctory search for his owners (he did not have a collar) we just adopted him. He is noble and beautiful and it breaks my heart that such a splendid gentleman of a dog should be mistreated. Since then, I have decided that I would never again buy a dog from a breeder or a pet shop, there are too many dogs that need help in shelters.

This is Boots (so called because he is nearly all black but for the white booties on his feet) he is a bit of a brat but so cuddly you cant hold it against him.

Meet Norman, a lab mix, he has beautiful eyes and the most laid back personality; the other two make his life interesting but you can tell he'd be just as happy napping on a fluffy cushion.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Playing Tourists in Washington

Here is my favorite monument, the Jefferson Memorial, unfortunatly the weather wasn't the best, but it is still lovely.

A botanical garden on our way to the museum.

Here is the original Smithonian , know as "The Castle," a very beautiful building. I think it is home to the American History Museum, but I'm not certain, and the inside is really interesting as well Finely carved ivory artifacts.

porcelain, a gift from France, I think it might be Limoge. but what do I know?

And the architecture of the place is pretty stunning as well.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Beauty of form and function, a delicate hand made quilt

Beaute de forme autant que de fonction , un vieux patch fait main.

If you stand very quiet and stare at one spot for a long time you might see some of the Fey People dashing by :-)

and old mill grind stones, mandala like , heft and order in the world.

It is raining today, not not our habitual vapor fine rain, more like the "soak you in two seconds"
rain. Time to be brooding and do small and useful things...and to enjoy this superb cup of tea.


Deux anciennes roues de moulins qui ressemblent a des mandalas : poids et order dans le monde.
Il pleut aujourd'hui, pas la pluie fine habituelle, mais des cordes. Cest un bon jour pour rester a la maison et faire des petites choses utiles... et deguster cette merveilleuse tasse de the.
A + tard

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Wacky Trip to New York

Faces on the subway. Yes we rode the subway too. We even took a cab.. two actually because there were 7 of us and we got separated and we thought we lost half of our party.
This trip to New York was worthy of the National Lampoon's Vacations "The Griswolds go to New York" It was a great time!

Arriving at Time Square.

A quieter little side street off Spring street. Spring street was the best part of the visit : Chic and Bohemian .

New York is wild and exciting, so much to see, SO much to do!
(I CANNOT believe I duplicated this photo. Now I have to figure out how to replace it.)
Walls and ladders.

Canal Street where you can buy anything and everything... At a 90% discount . At one point. Tom tried to buy a little $6. scarf from a tiny chinese lady. He offered her $3.oo and she got highly offended and shoed him off, yelling "Go away, no 3 dollar merchandise here." we got quite a giggle a bout this.

The World Trade Center, a "cavity" in the face of the city.

Miss Liberty was in fine shape and enjoying the sunshine (view from th Staten Island Ferry.)

The New York skyline never fails to steal the show : Gorgeous.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Enjoying the Beach

Row of beach houses (ours is a few steps to the right.)
Baby Surfer Dude ; Fox.

Beautiful, and busy, Midway Beach at summer's end .
Children and grand father in the surf