Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Snow... But at home this time

It snowed yesterday, and it got very dark. This is actually a color photo but looks like a black and white. This is a sight we see maybe once every five years, so we really enjoy it!

What a difference a few hours make ! Today everything is so bright and the sky is the most gorgeous cobalt blue. The old homestead is framed in snow covered trees. Now I am hoping that those huge trees can shed their great load of snow smoothly rather than crack under the load or even break at the base, like they have been known to do once in a while. because our house wouldn't have a prayer...

I feel closest to The Lord when I witness the beauty of Nature.

This is the lake just down the street from us.

So this is it for today. Now I am going to see if I can drive up our driveway.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

GATLINBURG Mid Season Break

We rented a cabin in Gatlinburg Tennessee and were lucky to see some snow, (quite a rare treat for us Atlanteans) Our three muffins, Chase, Kai and Fox really enjoyed the snow and the tubing down the slopes at Ober-Gatlinburg, snow angels, snow balls fights, snow man, with hot chocolate and hot tub to warm up afterward. It was all great stuff.

Here my Sweetie, Tom (aka Poppy) and our daughter Belinda and SIL Shane leaning against the mini van.
We had some emotions getting to the cabin. The road was VERY steep and pretty iced up, well what can I say, we're city slickers, we don't know any better. So at one point the van stopped going forward, and with the wheels spinning freely, WE BEGAN SLIDING BACKWARD... Very scary, especially with the road lined by a deep canyon on one side.
So, after we managed NOT to get killed, we decided that our choice was to either find chains for the tires or go home(not an option.) We turned around went to 3 stores in Gatlinburg, all were sold out, It was looking pretty grim when, finally,we found our chains at a Walmart. We learned how to install them in pitch darkness (reading the instructions with a flash light) and in an 18 degrees temperature. After that, the van scampered up them steep inclines like a young mountain goat . Good Times!

The cabin was beautiful with a 3/4 wraparound porch, a hot tub and a very cozy interior. The scenery was just breath taking.

Now for something completely different: I changed the name of this blog and rather rudely neglected to mention it. "Mes Petits Papiers" was my favorite name, but after some digging I found out that it was already in use... by someone who had not posted in 5 years, I wish Blogger would put a statute of limitation on unused titles. So I went about to find another name. Then one of our grand sons said something that made me smile. Kai, the middle boy has quite an imagination and a great way with words. They had found an old sock monkey in my closet and were playing a game of cops/robbers or cowboys/Indians or Transformers vs whatever , when Kai said "I shall nevair surrendair for I'm just not your average sock monkey," all with a french/ pirate of the Carribeans accent to make your head spin. And that's how I found the new name for my blog.

Toodles For Now