Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is Spring Springing, Yet ?

Hellebores "No rain, nor frost, nor gloom of night" seems to bother you.

Sweet and timid Hyancinths try to be brave, like your yellow fellows, the Daffodils

We are still getting many cold nights here in North Georgia, and nature looks rather grim.
But there are signs that Spring might be getting ready for The Big Show. Here and there I have flowers popping out, blooming boldly in spite of getting frozen a couple of times a week.
Nous avons encore beaucoup de nuits tres froide en Georgia, mais il y a des indices que le printemps se prepare. Ici et la, j'ai des fleurs qui sortent et bravent les gelees blanches du matin. Mes jonquilles sont vraiment en grande formes. ainsi que les Hellebrores,(que rien ne semble deranger,) alors que les jacinthes sont un peu plus timides.
A Bientot

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday Image Freebie (belated)

Here is a freebie to use in your art work . It should be a Monday Freebie but on monday things just got a little too crazy, then on tuesday .. one thing led to another, and I missed it too. But I finally got around to it. YEAHHHH ! I think she is very beautiful, what an amazing profile, and the hand coloring is exquisite. Enjoy.



Je vous offre un petit cadeau (Freebie) pour vos projets

artistiques. En general je les affiche le lundi, mais cette
semaine j'ai rate mon affichage du lundi et puis celui du
mardi aussi, (ce blog machin n'est pas encore entre dans

mes habitudes, et il faut que je fasse plus attention.)
Alors ma petite Freebie est sortie du four avec trois
jours de retard. Elle est vraiment jolie, vous ne trouvez

pas? Son profil est superbe et les couleurs, appliquees a
la main sont d'une delicatesse exquise. A Bientot.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Finishing Up Projects.

This was my New Year Resolution : To finish up what I started.

Well there are a few projects that I need to finish, but this little cabinet is what I have done so far. I bought it for $20. at the flea market some years ago. I loved its shape, but it was a dark, dark brown. I planned on painting it, but things being as they are, it remained half painted (in the ochre background color) for a few years . A few weeks ago I finally tackled it... in a garden scheme, I always wanted a topiary, so, now I have one, faux as it may be.

Yes. it is all free handed, with nary a stencil in sight. And lemme tell you, the arlequin pattern looks easy, right? I thought so, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong. That's why The photo taken is from a fair distance : To hide the imperfections; everybody tells me it looks fine, but I know better.

Then for the fun of it I added the painted tassel to the knob. I kind of like it, I think I'll practice a little more with them.
Texte En Francais.
Pour Ma Bonne Resolution de nouvel an. J'ai dit que j'allais finir tous les projets que j'avais commence. Je sais que c'est ambitieux, mais si je prend un projet a la fois, ca devrait pouvoir se faire.
Alors, voila mon premier projet fini. C'est un vieux meuble ramasse aux Puces pour 20. dollars
que j'avais commence a peindre dans la couleur ocre que vous voyez, et que j'avais abandonne.
Ce mois de janvier, je m'y suis remise. je voulais un theme de verdure, alors j'ai fait ce petit arbre taille, en pot. Pas utilise de pochoir, je sais qu'ils se vendent, mais comme je suis radine, je l'ai dessine a la main, et ca a bien marche. Pour le dessin "arlequin" sur le cote, un conseil : Dessinez avec des lignes bien geometriques avant de peindre, sinon ca devient un desastre tres vite, et quand ca commence a mal aller, c'est pas "rattrapable"
Quand j'ai fini, j'ai ajoute, pour rire, un pompon a la poignee (euh je sais que c'est pas le nom correct, aussitot que je m'en rappelle je le change) encore une fois tout a la main. Je trouve ca mignon tout plein. J'ai fait tout ca a la peinture acrylique, facile a utiliser et pas cher.
A Bientot

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Image Freebie

Please feel free to use this photo for your art work. I just ask that you don't resell it or use it on collage boards. Have fun with it.

Miss Phyllis Dare was a stunning young actress. In this photo she looks very young, maybe her early teens. I have a couple of her pictures and I wish I had more. You can find one or two more of Miss Phyllis shots on The Graphic Fairy.


My Pretty Marguerite

I did this card on water color paper. The pretty young girl with the humongus bow comes from my collection of vintage photos on CDs. The report card comes from my collection of ephemera
as does the sparrow. The roses were cut out of one of my many flowers and seeds catalogues. the butterflies were colored by myself out of a children book. The stamps were purchased as were the small lock and key.

Ooops is it time for Monday Image Freebie already? Coming right up... well providing my computer doesn't act up on me.

Let's think positive thoughts, shall we .

Monday, February 2, 2009


I thought I'd share a little photo from my collection. I think this girl is so precious and her dress is
very pretty. Also, I love the hat at her feet. I wonder if someone could manage to place it on her head