Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Bandolier Bag : Saying Good Bye

This is called a "BANDOLIER BAG" it is an American Native ceremonial clothing item that indians wore around their neck being worn up front and hanging about waist high. I have owned this particular one for about 30 years, it dates probably to the start of the 20th century, and it is magnificent, entirely beaded, yes, all the colored parts that you see are tiny beads, thousands of them.
I have kept it in a closet for all that time, although I loved it, I never really felt that it was mine. So one day I began to do some research and determined that it was of Ojibwe origin, in the Iowa/Minnesota area. So I contacted a Native American museum. they concured that it was probably from the Ojibwe/MilleLacs nation, and after some correspondance, they agreed to give it a new home.
So I have parted with this beautiful artifact. The museum curator told me that they had a lady who could do the repairs needed to really make it shine. I am a little sad that it is gone, but also pleased that it will be displayed in a style more suited (than my closet) to its majestic origin.

Ce sac est un BANDOLIER, et etait porte par les indien d'Amerique pour leur evenements importants (enfin je suppose car il est tres lourd) Je l'ai eu dans mon placard pendant presque 30 ans. Je le regardais de temps en temps je n'ai jamais senti qu'il etait a moi. C'est un ouvrage superbe qui date sans doute de la fin du 19eme siecle, entierement couvert de perles minuscules. Un jour je me suis mise a rechercher son origine, et ai decouvert quil etait sans doute de la tribue des Ojibwas. Apres des pour-parles avec un musee des Ojibwas, Ils ont accepter de le reprendre , et meme de le reparer. J'etais un peu triste de le laisser partir, mais je suis contente de savoir qu'il sera mieux apprecie dans un musee que dans mon placard. Bisous

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Best of Fall

This elegant lady reminds me of Fall.

Things that make autumn wonderful :
- Cooler days
- Multicolored leaves
- Cozy sweaters
- New England asters in bloom
- Hot chocolate
- Squash recipes
- Pre-Chrismas sales
- Planning ThankGiving
- Decorating for Halloween
- Fire in the fire place
- Softer, gentler nature
- Misty mornings
- Glorious motorcycle rides

Enjoy the subsiding of the light.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun with Textiles

I really dislike throwing away my pieces of fabric from old clothes or sewing projects, so, over the years, they have accumulated a bit. Here is one of the boxes where I keep my little treasures (yeah it's another of my painting projects) It is a smallish trunk... okay nothing impressive so far. But the really large trunk (I mean coffin size large) below it is also filled with odds and ends fabrics, like I said : a lot of fabric.
Recently , I started making things with them.

One day I got away from traditional embroidery, and I never looked back. Now it is quilting and embroidery, and layering and layering, all free form. I make small pieces and add them later to larger projects, and so on, til the cows come home. A work in progress.

A humble washer made noble by rust was found on one of my walks and salvaged to be added to an embroidery project . I spritzed it a little it in the hope that it will bleed some rust onto the fabric, for a more organic look.. so far, no luck .

At last I also used my fabric bits to give a new face to this very old evening bag by trying my hand at crazy quilting. It is not quite finished yet, but I really like it.