Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun with Textiles

I really dislike throwing away my pieces of fabric from old clothes or sewing projects, so, over the years, they have accumulated a bit. Here is one of the boxes where I keep my little treasures (yeah it's another of my painting projects) It is a smallish trunk... okay nothing impressive so far. But the really large trunk (I mean coffin size large) below it is also filled with odds and ends fabrics, like I said : a lot of fabric.
Recently , I started making things with them.

One day I got away from traditional embroidery, and I never looked back. Now it is quilting and embroidery, and layering and layering, all free form. I make small pieces and add them later to larger projects, and so on, til the cows come home. A work in progress.

A humble washer made noble by rust was found on one of my walks and salvaged to be added to an embroidery project . I spritzed it a little it in the hope that it will bleed some rust onto the fabric, for a more organic look.. so far, no luck .

At last I also used my fabric bits to give a new face to this very old evening bag by trying my hand at crazy quilting. It is not quite finished yet, but I really like it.

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