Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Snow... But at home this time

It snowed yesterday, and it got very dark. This is actually a color photo but looks like a black and white. This is a sight we see maybe once every five years, so we really enjoy it!

What a difference a few hours make ! Today everything is so bright and the sky is the most gorgeous cobalt blue. The old homestead is framed in snow covered trees. Now I am hoping that those huge trees can shed their great load of snow smoothly rather than crack under the load or even break at the base, like they have been known to do once in a while. because our house wouldn't have a prayer...

I feel closest to The Lord when I witness the beauty of Nature.

This is the lake just down the street from us.

So this is it for today. Now I am going to see if I can drive up our driveway.



  1. jolies photos beaucoup de charmes

  2. What beautiful, crisp winter weather captured by your photos. I might be ready for spring, but I can still appreciate the beauty of winter! By the way, this is my first visit here, and I love the name of your blog....I'm a sock monkey fan!