Saturday, January 3, 2009

I must have been Nice (rather than Naughty)

Okay so I haven't blogged during this Christmas season. It was busy and stressful, and I found myself with the choice of DOING Christmas stuff or talking about it, and I chose the former.

Chrismas cookies, I made a lot and I have modified my color scheme a little, from red and green to pink, pale green and white with a lot of sparkle (which doesn't show in the picture) My hubby finds the colors "girly" but so what, I am a girl, I make the cookies, I am entitled.

Santa has been good to me this Chrismas (bless his tinselly, fur trimmed heart.) I received a Canon "Rebel" XSI, This puppy rocks, and I am hoping to learn how to use it any day Now.

I am still learning how to use this blog thing so don't be surprised if the format changes at a moment notice. I am a sampler through and through and I like to try everything, so I hope that the aspect of my blog doesn't suffer too much of my dilettantism.

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