Sunday, January 18, 2009


If ever I have had a guilty pleasure, (ouside of Belgian chocolates and flea market finds, that is,) the television show 24 would have to be it.

I know, I know there is too much violence, and the action is dissected into one hour segments which can make the suspense excruciating. But the action is.... WOW! What a roller coaster ride! It is nice to see the good guy kick butt and take names once in a while. The bad guys are so horrifying that I tend to forgive Jack Bauer for his rather strong harm techniques. What's a little torture when a deadly virus is about to be launched onto Los Angeles, right?

Kiefer with his sweet, geeky Sutherlands looks doesn't look like he's built to take all that much punishment, but he is like I don't know , the energizer rabbit of secret agents, he keeps going and going. Maybe that's his secret weapon : I'd be cranky too if I had to stay up for 24 hours

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