Monday, May 4, 2009

Trip To Beaune (The Hospice)

Beaune is reknown for its ancient hospital ( Hospice) build in the 15th century. It is truly magnificent, both inside and out, It was built at the time by a local nobleman and his wife to atone for their sins, and provided free health care for the poor. It was a working hospital as late as the mid 20th century.

Below is the room for the poor people, quite lovely accomodations, I think.

Alright now for an anecdote. In one of these huge rooms, there is a grate in the floor (a beautifully ornate one, of course) and through that grate, you can see a river running beneath the building. That room was where surgery was done, and whatever was.. removed was tossed into the riverbelow. As the legend goes, the trouts downstream of the hospice were the fattest and the sweetest tasting in all of Burgundy...omg, I cannot believe I told that story!

The kitchen was renovated in the 19th century (I want that stove!)

The Hospice is especially famous for the stunning roof of glazed, multicolored tiles.

More to come later, I have hundreds of photos.


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  1. This roof is absolutely stunning! The multi-colored tiles liven up the space. Looking at it, you might forget that you are in a hospice. It’s a good thing that the interior designer decided to use this design. It can certainly cheer up viewers and passersby.