Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Wacky Trip to New York

Faces on the subway. Yes we rode the subway too. We even took a cab.. two actually because there were 7 of us and we got separated and we thought we lost half of our party.
This trip to New York was worthy of the National Lampoon's Vacations "The Griswolds go to New York" It was a great time!

Arriving at Time Square.

A quieter little side street off Spring street. Spring street was the best part of the visit : Chic and Bohemian .

New York is wild and exciting, so much to see, SO much to do!
(I CANNOT believe I duplicated this photo. Now I have to figure out how to replace it.)
Walls and ladders.

Canal Street where you can buy anything and everything... At a 90% discount . At one point. Tom tried to buy a little $6. scarf from a tiny chinese lady. He offered her $3.oo and she got highly offended and shoed him off, yelling "Go away, no 3 dollar merchandise here." we got quite a giggle a bout this.

The World Trade Center, a "cavity" in the face of the city.

Miss Liberty was in fine shape and enjoying the sunshine (view from th Staten Island Ferry.)

The New York skyline never fails to steal the show : Gorgeous.

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