Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is Spring Springing, Yet ?

Hellebores "No rain, nor frost, nor gloom of night" seems to bother you.

Sweet and timid Hyancinths try to be brave, like your yellow fellows, the Daffodils

We are still getting many cold nights here in North Georgia, and nature looks rather grim.
But there are signs that Spring might be getting ready for The Big Show. Here and there I have flowers popping out, blooming boldly in spite of getting frozen a couple of times a week.
Nous avons encore beaucoup de nuits tres froide en Georgia, mais il y a des indices que le printemps se prepare. Ici et la, j'ai des fleurs qui sortent et bravent les gelees blanches du matin. Mes jonquilles sont vraiment en grande formes. ainsi que les Hellebrores,(que rien ne semble deranger,) alors que les jacinthes sont un peu plus timides.
A Bientot

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